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At Cool guest house we simplify luxury

At cool guest house in Chiang Mai, your pleasure is our priority. You can feel this when you visit us and enjoy the facilities that you get while staying at our guest house. Chiang Mai has developed into a hotspot among tourists all over the world and is often called a paradise on earth. At cool guest house you would feel like living in paradise, of this paradise. The guesthouse videos give you good overview of the facilities provided by cool guest house.

Facilities You Would Get in Cool Guest House, Chiang Mai

· Conveniently Located

This guest house is located at Chang Puak Gate and gives you easy access to all the places you want to visit in and near Chiang Mai. Its convenient location makes it easier for you to reach this guest house.

· Great Food

You can enjoy French breakfast in this guest house. The food items used for creation of dishes are most organic.

· Services Provided

All our guests get free bicycles to tour the city and enjoy the nature of Chiang Mai in its fullest. Viewing various locations of Chiang Mai on a bicycle is unique experience that you must have in order to truly feel the elegance of this beautiful place. We have tandems for our guests if they need them for travelling through the city.

· Atmosphere of Nature

At cool guest house you get to enjoy the beautiful garden and a spacious courtyard. Both these places makes you feel as if you are snuggled by nature and the comfort of your stay would get enhanced to new heights. You can get the glimpses of both these places in their guesthouse videos.

· Luxury Unplugged

Luxury has a new standard in cool guest house as here you get access to special boutique rooms. If you want special honeymoon welcome is also available, to make the most memorable time of your life more pleasurable. The extent of luxury you should expect in cool guest house is difficult to explain in words, but you can get a glance of it in guesthouse videos.

· Affordable

Despite all these services and features cool guest house is completely affordable. When staying in Chiang Mai, you would never feel the pinch in your budget due to your staying at cool guest house.


The convenient location, delightful atmosphere, abundant features, and friendly service, are few of the most prominent benefits that you get by staying at cool guest house, in Chiang Mai.