Permaculture day in Chiang Mai

First permaculture meeting in that day: May 04, 2014 !

Register here: and stay updated.

“This is a meeting for anyone interested in permaculture, sustainabilty, permaculture design, Permaculture Gardens, Organic Gardening & Permaculture, Urban Gardening, Green Living, Sustainable Living & Green Markets, The Environment and Permaculture, Eco-Conscious, New Urbanism & Sustainable Development, Permaculture Design, Organic Gardening, Permaculture & Farming, Biodynamic-Permaculture and Forest Gardening….

I started this meeting because to meet other permculture enthusiasts. I’m currently studying online PDC with Geoff Lawton. Looking forward to exchange about permaculture and sustainability with everybody.

Permaculture day in Chiang Mai


I’m Xavier, French, living in Thailand from 14 years, now in Chiang Mai. I’m studying a PDC online with Geoff Lawton. With my wife and our daughter we plan to setup a permaculture design and system on 12 rai close to Mae Chaem in a Karen Hill Tribe.

International Permaculture Day May 4th celebrates the permaculture principles across the globe with workshops festivals picnics and more. Get involved in the celebrations with friends family and the community.… International Permaculture Day Permaculture Magazine