Weather Chiang Mai

All Year Round the Weather and Climate Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is among the largest cities in Thailand and is in fact the
largest city in Northern Thailand and also the capital to Chiang Mai
. The city which is situated in the lush, evergreen, forested
hills of the north and is just a mere 680km from Bangkok, Thailand’s
capital. Being situated in Northern Thailand, this city enjoys a
cooler climate and lower relative humidity levels than other cities in
Thailand and this among other factor has earned it the tag “Thailand’s
Friendliest City”.
Like other places in the Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai, experiences 3
seasons annually, a cool season which lasts from November to February,
a hot season which lasts from March to May and a rainy season which
spans from June to October. Generally, Chiang Mai’s climate is
tropical but with cooler temperatures and lower humidity than other
Thailand regions. In this city monsoons might also be experienced
during the rainy season. Of intrigue in weather Chiang Mai is that the
three distinct seasons are not fixed. Sometimes during the rainy
season there will be periods of dry spells and during the hot season,
weather Chiang Mai might report occasionally thunderstorms.
Despite that it is a widely known that Chiang Mai experiences a
wonderful all year-round climate, a closer scrutiny at weather Chiang
Mai shows that each of the month in Chiang Mai’s calendar year has its
own distinct weather changes. The cool season which starts in November
and stays around till February is the most preferable season for most
tourists to visit the city. With average temperatures hovering around
22C, it is hard to describe the season as cool, but this is the
coolest Chiang Mai can get. Temperatures during this season are varied
with daily highs of 30C and daily lows of around 15C. In parts of
the cities with higher elevation, daily lows can reach 5C especially
during night time. The coolest months in this season are January and
December. With weather Chiang Mai reporting the lowest humidity levels
during the year at this season and with the days enjoying an average
of 9 hours of sunshine with almost no rainfall, it is not hard to see
why this season is so popular.

Weather ChingMai: Sun chiang mai, Chiang Mai temple as the sun sets

Sun chiang mai, Chiang Mai temple as the sun sets—Christian Haugen (

Starting from mid-March creeps in Chiang Mai and lasts up until late
May. Both the temperatures and humidity levels build up until it gets
uncomfortable to be outdoors. March and April have the highest daily
highs with an average of 35 – 36C. Rainfall remains low until the
month of May when the monsoon rains breaks and with them relief from
the sweltering temperatures. However, the coastal part of Chiang Mai
is not affected as much as the inland part. The rainy season kicks in
from May and lasts till October. Heavy downpours that dominate most of
this season cause flash-floods with an overflow in the Ping River.
Temperatures gradually reduce, starting with highs of 34C in May and
ending with highs of 31C in October. Humidity levels are highest
during this time due to the high rainfall. Occasionally, an average of
6 hours of sunshine will be experienced especially in June and July,
which are the driest months in this season.